Email Communication Policy

We value open communication with our community, partners, and collaborators. To ensure efficient handling of incoming emails, we utilize an advanced Artificial Intelligence system to classify, process and route emails to the appropriate departments or individuals.

Please note the following important points when communicating via email with Exohood Labs
  1. Email Classification and Processing: All incoming emails are classified and processed by our AI system before being forwarded to the relevant department or individual. This allows us to manage communications effectively and enables our limited staff to focus on the most relevant inquiries.
  2. Sensitive Information: Do not send sensitive data, personal information, attachments, or any other confidential content through email. The information sent to our email system is used solely for classification and response purposes.
  3. Response Time: Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please allow a few days for a response. Sending an email to our system does not guarantee an immediate reply.
  4. Email Validation: Emails that are not digitally signed by the sender’s server or identified as spam will be automatically deleted. If an email cannot be classified by our AI system, it will also be deleted.
  5. Confirmation of Receipt: Receiving an email does not serve as proof of acceptance of its content. A confirmation of receipt and content acceptance should always be provided by our team.
  6. Responsibility: By sending an email to Exohood Labs, you acknowledge that the content is your responsibility. We are not liable for any information sent to our email system.
For specific inquiries, please use the following email addresses:

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our email communication policy. Your patience in awaiting a response is greatly valued as we strive to foster relationships that push the boundaries of science and technology.

If you have any further questions regarding our email policy, please contact us at

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