A new era of freedom for companies channel communications


What is Channel?

Channel is a communication initiative for companies created by Exohood Labs, offering transparent and encrypted interactions.

Why choose Channel?

hannel provides a single, direct communication platform for companies to interact with employees and the public, avoiding the fragmentation of multiple social media channels.

Is Channel encrypted?

Yes, Channel offers encrypted communication, allowing users to interact anonymously or configure their name.

How does Channel handle inappropriate messages?

Channel’s integrated security algorithm analyzes and deletes messages considered harassing, harmful, or threatening.

Are user sessions stored?

No, user sessions are not stored. When a user disconnects and reconnects, they start a new session.

Can I use emojis and GIFs in Channel?

Yes, Channel supports the use of emojis and GIFs.

Will Channel support images and audio?

Soon, Channel will allow users to send images and audio. This feature is in development for our upcoming app on Apple and Android.

What type of interactions can I have on Channel?

Users can participate in company updates, work progress channels, and general interest channels managed by Exohood Labs, ensuring a comprehensive communication experience.

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