Advanced Technology

Our Advanced Technology Division, we are committed to transforming how individuals interact with machines and ensuring the safety of our world through innovative approaches. Our focus spans a broad spectrum of technological advancements, including breakthroughs in how machines understand and process the world around them, thereby enhancing human decision making and efficiency.

We also place a strong emphasis on the development and integration of quantum technologies, aiming to significantly impact and contribute to the growth of the quantum sector. By conducting rigorous research and development, we strive to unlock new possibilities and solutions that address today’s challenges and pave the way for a safer, more connected future.

Our mission is to develop technologies that not only improve the way we live and work but also ensure the longevity and health of our planet for generations to come.

Our Advanced Technology Division is composed of dedicated teams specializing in the following key areas of focus:
Science Innovations

Our laboratories are at the forefront of advancing applied science in key areas including hardware security, optoelectronic systems, quantum sensing, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and precision pointing, navigation and timing. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is redefining the boundaries of these essential technologies.

Quantum Innovations

We focus on developing state-of-the-art, quantum enabled sensors in compact form factors. These sensors are crucial for advancing stand off sensing, imaging, as well as enhancing pointing, navigation and timing capabilities. Our innovative approach also extends to integrating these technologies with key areas such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, marking new benchmarks in the application of quantum science.

Space Exploration and Research

Our laboratory excels in conducting comprehensive research across several critical domains essential for space exploration and sustainability. Our expertise encompasses optical and high energy density materials to enhance survivability in harsh environments, alongside advanced work in photonic and nanofabrication technologies. We also boast state-of-the-art radar facilities for in depth atmospheric and ionospheric physics studies. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to the continuous monitoring of space weather events, ensuring preparedness and resilience against extraterrestrial phenomena.

Advancements in Applied Technology

Our applied technology laboratory is engaged in the development and application of radar engineering and operational methodologies. We also conduct research in robotics, emphasizing the development of human machine interaction technologies, with applications in telesurgery and the enhancement of safety and security measures. Our efforts are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of these fields through technological innovation and research.

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