System Innovation

We are dedicated to crafting dynamic technologies that are essential to the daily operations of end users around the globe. Our approach spans from initial proof-of-concept through to real world execution, offering our clients the tools and insights needed to fulfill their ambitions.

Our mission is centered on discovering and realizing transformative opportunities that contribute to creating a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. By focusing on the development of robust systems designed for the modern era, we are committed to enhancing efficiency, reliability and overall impact through technological advancement and innovative thinking.

We have delivered projects for competitions with the UK Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology in the UK and our commercial clients, excelling in bringing integrated systems and solutions to the market. Our commitment to thorough systems engineering allows us to rapidly progress from concept to field ready products, significantly reducing development times from years to months.
Microcircuit Solutions

We specialize in the emulation and manufacturing of obsolete microcircuits, crucial for extending the lifespan of mission critical systems. Through our Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits and Advanced Microcircuit Emulation programs, we have been tackling the challenge of microcircuit obsolescence for over three decades, ensuring that vital systems continue to function without interruption.

Advanced Imaging

Our Advanced Imaging division has revolutionized imaging capabilities and systems across commercial, defense, space and scientific sectors. The Center for Advanced Imaging is at the forefront of developing technologies that redefine our perception and understanding of the world. By harnessing the full potential of the electro-optical spectrum, we’re opening new vistas in how we capture and interpret visual information.

Intelligence Systems

Our Intelligence Systems work encompasses comprehensive services from project planning and engineering to installation and field support. We are guiding the integration of next generation hardware and real time software platforms, with a focus on developing robust systems that ensure government force protection and intelligence reliability.

Mission Solutions

The Mission Solutions sector is committed to protecting astronauts and scientists on launch platforms, as well as crews aboard spacecraft and rockets, by providing advanced spacecraft/ground survivability equipment and expert operational insights. Our strategy involves developing automated testing and enhancements to rapidly respond to the changing threat environment, ensuring the safety and success of vital space missions.

Carbon and Water Management

Our expertise in carbon capture systems contributes significantly to combating climate change. Through ongoing research and pilot programs, we’re exploring innovative membrane technologies for water purification, petroleum hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 capture, aiming to deliver sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

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