Biotech Advances

Our biotechnology division focuses on the development of next generation drugs, diagnostics and technologies aimed at addressing urgent medical challenges. We specialize in creating transformative approaches and platforms for complex therapeutic issues, conducting both basic and translational research. This effort allows us to stay at the forefront of biomedical research through the development of new technologies.

With a strong tradition of collaboration, our researchers work closely with government agencies and industry partners to enhance health outcomes and global well being. Our projects span from early stage research to drug co-development with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, demonstrating our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

Our Biotechnology division stands out in the tech development landscape by melding basic bioscience with applied research for early stage IP generation, alongside translational development that transitions innovations from the lab to real world applications.
Drug Development

Our biopharma R&D team delves into preclinical phases, bringing forth automated chemistry design alongside medicinal chemistry and synthesis. Our work results in licensable drugs that address diverse therapeutic needs.

Precision Medicine

Through the invention of technologies like the FOX Three Molecular Guidance System (MGS), DiaCyt, TALL and Techneins, we facilitate advancements in precision medicine. These tools and systems enhance our ability to tailor treatments to individual genetic profiles, improving treatment outcomes.

Diagnostic Development

Our focus on diagnostic development encompasses the creation of biomarker and biological assays, alongside the innovation of biohazard detection devices and health monitoring wearables. This effort supports the early detection and continuous monitoring of health conditions.

Longevity Research

Our research aims to uncover and understand the biological processes that contribute to aging. By identifying these mechanisms, we seek to find interventions that can extend healthy life spans.

Obesity Studies

Our studies into obesity focus on understanding its causes, effects and potential treatments. This includes exploring metabolic pathways, genetic factors and lifestyle impacts on obesity, with the goal of developing effective interventions.

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