Exohood Labs Investment Disclosure

Exohood Labs is a hybrid organization that combines a non-profit and a for-profit “profit limited” company. The non-profit arm focuses on the development and integration of safe, beneficial Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain (AQB) solutions. The for-profit company, Exohood Labs for-profit, was established to enhance research capabilities and sustain growth while aligning with the foundational ethos of the organization.

Exohood Labs for-profit operates with the primary obligation of furthering the aims of the Exohood Labs Charter, which is governed by the board of the non-profit organization. This commitment to the mission takes precedence over generating investor returns. Investors and employees acknowledge that the objectives of the Charter supersede financial interests.

The for-profit company exists to advance the development of AQB technologies that benefit humanity. The General Partner’s responsibility to this mission and the principles of the Charter is prioritized over profit generation. There is no obligation to generate profits, and the General Partner has the autonomy to reinvest cash flows into research and development, irrespective of Limited Partners interests.

Board members with financial interests in the company are kept to a minority, ensuring decisions are made impartially. Economic returns for investors and employees are limited, with excess returns allocated to the non-profit arm to ensure the broader benefit of any value created.

Overview of Exohood Labs

Exohood Labs was founded in 2020 as a non-profit organization with the goal of developing safe and beneficial Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain (AQB) technologies for the welfare of humanity. This ambitious project, which is often undertaken by governmental entities, represents a collective effort to drive widespread human benefit.

Detailed Structure

Exohood Labs recognizes that investors typically seek financial returns. However, the organization has aligned investor interests with its mission through innovative economic and governance provisions:

The for-profit subsidiary, Exohood Labs for-profit, is fully controlled by the Exohood Labs non-profit organization. This control is exerted through a managing entity owned by the non-profit, ensuring governance remains aligned with the organization’s mission.

The non-profit’s board oversees the subsidiary’s operations, ensuring that even though the for-profit company can generate profits, it does so within the framework of Exohood Labs’ overarching goal, the development of safe and beneficial Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain (AQB) technologies for broad human benefit.

Profits allocated to investors and employees are capped, with any surplus value reverting to the non-profit arm for the benefit of humanity. This structure is designed to be adaptable, preserving the core governance and economic elements while remaining flexible to meet the unpredictable path of AQB development.

The primary focus is on ensuring that the integration of AQB technologies serves the greater good, rather than prioritizing financial returns. This approach reflects Exohood Labs commitment to responsible innovation and its dedication to positively impacting society.

What Exohood Labs Does

Our daily operations remain focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain technologies, with the goal of maximizing their value and impact. The organization’s commitment to research and development in these fields is unwavering, as it continues to explore and expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge and application.

Our Board

Exohood Labs is governed by the board of the Exohood Labs non-profit organization and Limited employees.

Jerzy Bogaczow – CEO Exohood Labs

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Interested in investing with Exohood Labs Corporate? We offer a unique opportunity to support a venture that combines the mission driven ethos of a non-profit with the strategic operations of a profit oriented company. 

Join us in our pursuit to integrate Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain technologies for the betterment of society.

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