About US

Our nonprofit R&D organization is supported by a dedicated team with a combined 30 years of experience in pioneering innovations across various fields. With a foundation built on a history of technological advancement and research excellence, we’ve contributed to meaningful enhancements in daily life, enriching experiences at home, work, school and play.

Operating from London, we employ advanced AI and emphasize teamwork to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, addressing global challenges through a thoughtful integration of technology and expertise. Our areas of focus include AI, quantum computing, blockchain, education, biomedicine, space exploration, energy and robotics. We’re committed to using our insights and innovations to contribute positively to society, with the hope of fostering lasting benefits through our dedication to research and innovation.

Our Mission

Technology for a Better Tomorrow

At the core of our mission is a dedication that goes beyond just groundbreaking technological advancements. We are committed to transforming these innovations from ideas to impactful applications that reach and benefit those who need them most. Through partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, including companies, governments, nonprofits and foundations, our goal is to navigate our emerging technologies, groundbreaking ideas and innovations from the lab to the lives of individuals and communities.

Believing firmly in the power of technology as a force for good, every innovation developed is thoroughly evaluated for its potential to improve human experiences and protect our planet. This guiding principle ensures that ethical considerations are at the forefront of our work, blending moral foresight with technological progress.

Investing in the future is fundamental to our approach. The proceeds from our research and development, commercial efforts, and marketplace solutions are thoughtfully reinvested. This cycle not only enhances our operational capacity but also empowers us to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with increased precision and vision.

By embracing this journey, we do more than advance technology, we guarantee that our contributions lead to a sustainable and just future. Standing at the convergence of innovation and responsibility, every project we undertake is a step toward creating a better world, underpinned by a culture of learning, adaptability and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and equity.

Core Values

Team Dynamics

We function as integral parts of a cohesive unit, fostering mutual success through the exchange of insights, encouragement of active engagement and collective pursuit of excellence.

Community and Inclusion

Our environment champions the richness of diverse identities, viewpoints and life stories. We are dedicated to crafting a community where everyone experiences respect, inclusion and equal chances for achievement.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to perpetual growth, seeking out new knowledge and skills that allow us to conceive and apply innovative answers to complex problems.

Scientific Exploration

Our spirit of inquiry and determination fuels our journey into uncharted territories. We are dedicated to devising and evaluating interventions that have a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

Ethical Standards

Our conduct is anchored in authenticity, accountability, ethical practices and trustworthiness. We hold ourselves to the utmost standards, recognizing the influence our work has on both the micro and macro scales.

Plug and Play Philosophy

Connecting Simplicity with Innovation! 

Our technology is designed to be accessible and user friendly, ensuring that the sophistication of AI, blockchain and quantum computing is matched with seamless integration into everyday life.

What does Exohood mean?

The name “Exohood” embodies our ethos deriving from the Ancient Greek words “Exo” signifying the external or beyond and “planets” the eternal wanderers of space. Our mission? To bring a seemingly alien technology to Earth, pushing the boundaries of science as we know it be it in physics, mathematics or chemistry.

Infusing the transformative powers of AI, Blockchain and Quantum technology, we endeavor to craft solutions that seem beyond the realms of today’s understanding. But it’s not just about forging the future, it’s about ensuring equitable access to it. Channeling the spirit of “Hood” inspired by the legendary Robin Hood, we see ourselves as the extraterrestrial vanguards of science. We aim to democratize information, ensuring free access and global participation.

In essence, Exohood is not just a technological force, it’s a movement. We’re here to redistribute the wonders of advanced science, ensuring that the fruits of our interstellar journey benefit all of humanity.

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