Our approach to research infrastructure is deeply rooted in technological innovation, emphasizing sustainability and ethical development. We employ specialized servers across various data centers, optimizing for performance while minimizing environmental impacts, particularly from resource intensive practices like server farm operations.

Server Deployment and Management

Custom designed servers meet our specific research demands, positioned globally for reliability and optimal performance. We’re committed to utilizing and repurposing existing resources, reducing the need for new materials and supporting ecological balance.

Supporting Complex Technologies

Our infrastructure backs sophisticated research in AI, blockchain and quantum computing. Given the resource demands of these technologies, we prioritize efficiency and sustainability. This includes adopting energy efficient hardware and exploring innovative cooling technologies to enhance our AI systems energy efficiency.

Server Configuration

For AI, servers like the NVIDIA DGX A100 are chosen for their accelerated computing power, configured with advanced cooling to manage heat efficiently. Blockchain servers are selected for their high performance and energy efficiency, such as the HPE ProLiant DL385. Quantum computing requires specialized infrastructure, like the IBM Q System One, ensuring security and stability for sensitive computations.

Distributed Data Centers

Our infrastructure spans multiple data centers, leveraging geographical advantages for natural cooling and energy sourcing. This strategic distribution ensures redundancy, reliability and environmental efficiency.

Future Directions

We envision an autonomous, AI driven research facility focusing on sustainable architecture and renewable energy sources. This facility will underscore our commitment to innovation, housing advanced projects and managed entirely by AI systems to optimize operations and research contributions.

Our logical data storage system, essential for AI operations, emphasizes rapid data retrieval and high speed processing, ensuring data security and integrity through advanced encryption and blockchain technology. As we progress, we aim to enhance cloud storage, integrate edge computing for real time processing and explore novel storage technologies, aligning with our commitment to pioneering responsibly in the technological landscape.

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