• 1995 – The Initial Spark

The journey of Exohood Labs began in 1995 with the establishment of an independent research service center focused on the World Wide Web. This initiative was dedicated to conducting comprehensive studies on the internet, data transmission protocols, communication encryption, cataloging algorithms, and outcomes, alongside messaging, and audio and video transmission. This foundational phase set the groundwork for future technological exploration and innovation.

  • 2007 – The Launch of SMART PC

In 2007, we embarked on a groundbreaking project named SMART PC, focusing on Mathematical Artificial Intelligence Research. This endeavor marked a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing the field of artificial intelligence through rigorous research and development.

  • 2019 – Introduction of FIONA Project

The FIONA project was initiated in 2019 at the Cima Safe Security Lab, introducing an artificial intelligence system designed for data protection and privacy research using blockchain technology. This project underscored our dedication to enhancing cybersecurity and privacy through innovative AI applications.

  • 2020 – Establishment of Exohood Labs

Exohood Labs was formally established in 2020 as a decentralized research organization with a singular mission to develop commercially viable solutions through collaborative efforts with businesses, governments, non-profits, and foundations. Our aim was to bring to market technologies, ideas, research and emerging innovations to benefit those who need them the most, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced transparency in all research and development processes.

  • 2021 – Technological Innovations and Research Breakthroughs

In 2021, building on years of expertise in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and blockchain, Exohood Labs intensified its research endeavors. This year, we utilized these technologies as a foundation for conducting advanced investigations into energy, health, and climate change. Our efforts aimed at creating more secure database systems through blockchain, enhancing computational power, and ensuring the secure storage of information, all directed towards innovative solutions for these critical areas. This integration and expansion of our technological capabilities under the Exohood Labs umbrella highlight our ongoing commitment to pioneering research and development.

  • 2022 – The Birth of Exoland Labs

Exoland Labs was established in 2022, focusing on research in graphic engines, virtual reality engines and graphic generation through AI, known as GINETTE (Graphic Intelligence Engine for Transformative Technology Experience). This expansion reflected our continuous effort to push the boundaries of visual technology and immersive experiences.

  • 2023 – EXANIA as a Central Research Model

In 2023, we initiated the implementation of EXANIA as the central model for all Exohood Labs research and experiments. This move signifies our dedication to utilizing our collective knowledge and resources to develop comprehensive and integrated research solutions.

  • 2024 – ExoGalactic Project

As we move forward, Exohood Labs remains committed to exploring new horizons in technology and science. Our journey, from the early beginnings in 1995 to the present day, reflects our unwavering dedication to advancing human knowledge and capabilities. Through continuous innovation, research and collaboration, we strive to address the complex challenges of our time and open new pathways for future generations.

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