Future Technologies

Our Division is dedicated to enhancing and broadening our technological capabilities to support a wider array of services for both government and commercial partners. Leveraging our comprehensive expertise, we focus on devising solutions that contribute to sustainability and digitalization of the workplace. Emphasizing the development of cohesive strategies for multifaceted issues, our approach fosters and accelerates collaborative efforts. The laboratories within this division are committed to a balance of foundational research and practical application, aiming to advance pioneering technologies from conception to maturity.

Each segment below delves into the heart of our work, showcasing our dedicated approach to addressing current challenges and shaping future solutions through research and innovation.
Hardware Exploration

Our division is actively engaged in developing solutions to mitigate climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing energy efficiency, directly contributing to global cooling. We’re advancing in the realm of sensor technology with innovative approaches to device fabrication and edge analytics. Our work also encompasses the creation of novel materials with unique functionalities and the engineering of bio devices aimed at improving processes in cell screening, drug discovery and delivery. The cleanroom facilities we offer are fully equipped for the design, development, fabrication, prototyping and mass production of these devices, collaborating with partners to transition our technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

System Innovation

Our focus is on increasing the resilience of autonomous systems and improving human machine interaction to guide physical tasks more effectively. We integrate artificial intelligence with physical models to enhance support and decision making processes across various applications. Our approach to security covers both the physical and cyber domains of real world distributed systems, aiming to provide comprehensive safeguards. We are also committed to making the latest in design and digital manufacturing more accessible, thereby democratizing the development of next generation design tools.

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