Exohood Labs, specifically our UK-registered Artificial Intelligence Research Center, we meticulously adheres to the NCSC’s guidelines for AI system development.

Our approach encompasses a comprehensive security strategy throughout the AI system’s life cycle. This includes detailed threat modeling to anticipate and mitigate potential security risks, stringent supply chain security to ensure the integrity of all components and robust infrastructure measures to protect against system compromises. Additionally, our incident management protocols are designed to quickly respond to and resolve any security incidents, while our continuous maintenance and update management practices ensure that the AI system remains secure against evolving threats.

By aligning with “secure by design” principles, Exohood Labs emphasizes a proactive approach to security, embedding it into every aspect of AI development, from initial design to final deployment and ongoing operation. This commitment extends beyond basic compliance, incorporating advanced cybersecurity methodologies to safeguard not only our AI systems but also the data and privacy of our users, thereby upholding the highest standards of security and data protection in our AI development process.

Exohood Labs follows these guidelines in developing our AI, ensuring robust security at every stage of the AI system’s life cycle.

For more details, refer to the guidelines:

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