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Open communication with our community, partners and collaborators is paramount. Whether you’re a media professional, researcher, governmental entity or just an enthusiast, we value your engagement. Due to the limited personnel in our office, however, we regret that we cannot provide immediate direct responses.

Research Center Details

  • London: 793 Commercial Rd, London E14 7HG, United Kingdom.
  • Email:
  • Hong Kong: Level 12, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
  • Email:

Social Media & Public Relations

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For PR inquiries and media engagements, please direct your communications to our dedicated PR email:

Guidelines for Communication:

  1. Purpose of Contact: Before sending an email, ensure you select the appropriate subject or reason for your communication. This aids in prompt and relevant response.
  2. Response Time: Given the high volume of emails we receive daily, please allow for a few days before expecting a response.
  3. AI Assistance: Our AI system aids in classifying, reading and in many instances, responding to the emails. Trust that our AI has been designed to understand your concerns efficiently. If you wish to learn more about how our email system operates, please click here.

Note: Ensure you’re directing your query to the appropriate division for relevant feedback.

Attention to Specific Entities:

  • Media Outlets: Your interest in featuring our latest developments is highly valued. For press related inquiries or information, please connect with our media team at
  • Governmental Bodies: We are open to collaborations and discussions with government entities. For official communications, please utilize our dedicated contact at
  • Research Institutions & Universities: Collaborative ventures and information exchanges with other research centers or academic institutions are encouraged. Reach out to us at for academic and research related communications.
  • General Inquiries: For any general questions or other reasons, please utilize our contact form or email us at

Thank you for your interest in Exohood Labs. We look forward to fostering relationships that push the boundaries of science and technology. Your patience and understanding in communication are much appreciated.

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