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GINETTE, which stands for Graphic Intelligence Engine for Transformative Technology Experience, is an experimental AI system currently in development. It’s designed to help with creative tasks in entertainment, assisting in making movies, music videos, video games and soundtracks. GINETTE can handle various jobs like creating simulations, editing videos, working with sound and producing animations. It uses different types of artificial intelligence, including special systems that are good at processing visual information, to make these tasks easier and more efficient for creators. As an experimental model, GINETTE is still being refined and tested to improve its capabilities and performance.

As of April 1, 2024, the Ginette engine has been integrated into the Exania Suite. This means:

  1. Ginette is now part of the Exania platform.
  2. Users who previously used Ginette at ginette.io will now access it through the Exania Suite.
  3. This change combines the features of both tools in one place.

The integration aims to provide users with a more comprehensive tool.

What is Ginette?

The Ginette engine integrates advanced artificial intelligence technologies to support specialized applications in movie making, video game development, and software engineering. This integration facilitates a broad spectrum of tasks such as simulation creation, video editing, sound manipulation, and animation rendering. Central to Ginette’s functionality is its use of machine learning, including convolutional neural networks for visual data processing, critical for the automated generation and refinement of graphical content.

How does it work?

Generative adversarial networks are employed for video creation and editing, allowing for the synthesis of photorealistic images and complex visual effects. The engine also incorporates reinforcement learning for developing adaptive, intelligent game characters and natural language processing alongside audio synthesis algorithms for dynamic sound design. For animations and simulations, Ginette utilizes physics based models and procedural generation algorithms, enhancing realism and providing varied gameplay environments.

Available Models of Ginette

Ginette offers four Experimental Models:

Ginette – Alpha+1: Text/Image Generator

Ginette – Beta+1: Text/Video Generator, up to 3 seconds. This model has low consistency in motion and speed.

Ginette – Charlie+1: Text/Video Generator, up to 10 seconds. This model offers better consistency in motion.

Ginette – Delta+1: Text/Video Generator, up to 30 seconds. This model is significantly better than the previous models and can maintain the sequence of generated videos to create new shots. Additionally, it is much more professional and can generate sound in the sequences.

Ginette – Elissa+1: Text/Music Generator, in an experimental stage, creates a piece of music from text up to 30 seconds.

Ginette – Ne+XT1: This model is currently in development and will combine all previous models to generate videos with voice generation, background music, special effects, animations, and other features.

What does Ginette mean?

Graphic Intelligence Engine for Transformative Technology Experience

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