Our Structure

Exohood Labs was founded in 2020 with a vision to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain technologies (AQB) for the greater good of humanity. Initially established as a non-profit organization, we have evolved to include Exohood Labs Limited, a profit-limited subsidiary, to enhance our research capabilities and ensure sustainable growth. Our mission is to develop secure, equitable solutions within the AQB domain, prioritizing societal advancement and the broader benefit of humanity.

Hybrid Model

Exohood Labs profit-limited operates at the intersection of a traditional for-profit and a non-profit organization. This hybrid structure allows us to attract private investments critical for scaling our computational infrastructure, crucial for advancing our AQB systems. Returns on these investments are capped, ensuring that excess profits support our non-profit.

Governance and Mission

The governance of Exohood Labs ensures that our mission to develop and integrate AQB solutions safely and beneficially remains our priority. Our board, predominantly composed of members from the Exohood Labs non-profit, oversees all operations. This oversight ensures that our work, even within the profit-limited framework of Exohood Labs Limited, aligns with our foundational ethos.

Investors and employees of Exohood Labs profit-limited enter agreements recognizing that the mission outlined in the Exohood Labs Charter supersedes any financial interests, emphasizing our commitment to societal advancement over profit generation.

Economic Structure

Our economic model is designed to align the financial interests of our investors with our mission. Returns are capped at 100 times the initial investment to reflect associated risks, with expectations of lower multiples in future rounds. Any economic returns beyond this cap are allocated to support the non-profit arm’s research and development efforts, ensuring that the value created benefits humanity at large.

Our Operations

Exohood Labs remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AQB technologies. Through Exohood Labs profit-limited, we employ the majority of our staff and focus on the development of advanced AI supercomputers and large scale server computing. The non-profit entity, now known as Exohood Labs non-profit organization, continues to guide our overarching mission and governance.

Our Board

Exohood Labs operates under the oversight of a single, unified board, which is responsible for steering both the non-profit and limited company divisions. This arrangement guarantees that our activities stay true to our overarching mission. Governance within Exohood Labs is provided by the board members of the non-profit organization, alongside employees from the Limited sector, ensuring a cohesive and aligned operational framework.

Our Commitment

Both boards work in concert to ensure that Exohood Labs remains a leader in the ethical and responsible development of technology. Through their guidance, we are poised to navigate the challenges of our ambitious mission while staying true to our foundational ethos. Our leadership is committed to transparency, innovation and the responsible growth of Exohood Labs, aiming to create a future where technology enhances the human condition.

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